Our Philosophy

The home represents a sacred place of peace, calm, and security. A place where we can leave the world and listen to our own rhythm. When you build a home, you’re making a long term commitment to a space where lifelong memories are made. A place for watching first steps, celebrating birthdays, and enjoying family holidays.  

At Neat House Plans + Laidback living we care about individuality in an industry where cookie-cutter communities have become the norm. We strive to create inspiring and timeless designs that take on the life of the inhabitants within them. We prefer the personal to the perfect and we favor classic and livable over trendy and transient. 

We believe that by working within the realm of responsible and thoughtful design, we can do our part in improving the fabric of our communities and people’s lives on an individual level. Neat House Plans + Laidback Living is dedicated to you living your best life at home.

Our Founder

Rafaella Ledo-Massey founded Neat House Plans + Laid Back Living to create a lifestyle influenced house plan buying experience with a focus on you. Dedicated to exploring and understanding the way people live and play within their homes, her house plans are designed to cater to the ease of your daily living. 

She values the responsibility that comes with creating spaces where we invent the story of ourselves and our families and is passionate in her belief that home is defined by people, contents, and memories just as much as it is physical form. 

Rafaella believes a home is a reflection of self and a customized house plan tailored to your personal functional and aesthetic needs is what truly develops a connection between you and your home. 

Tailored to You

You can’t have everything you want but you can have the house you want. Whether you are in the dreaming phase or the doing phase, buying a house plan and building your home can feel overwhelming when considering where to start. The Neat team is always ready to give you a helping hand and answer any question you may have along building journey. We help you feel better, live simpler, and dream bigger by erasing what-ifs and guiding you towards the infinite possibilities of the now.