Cape Dutch Style

Marked by their white washed grand gestures. Cape Dutch style come from the fusion of the European fronts of Amsterdam with the farmhouse way of living along South Africa's Cape. Today we see this style scatter all along coastal towns from Alys Beach to Rosemary Beach, West Palm, and the North East.

We love the style for it's boldness and drama all while feeling soft and humble. It's a truly timeless style that only betters with age.


Featured Architects

Khoury Vogt Architects

Dixon Kirby Architects

McAlpine Architects


Jaco Booyens Architect

A BOHEME Architects

Charlie & Co. Design

Eric Watson Architects

*Some of these projects' Architects or Designers are unknown. You know how the internet can be. If you recognize one of these, please contact us to update this post and give credit to the rightful design team!